So much to write about

Indeed, there’s so much to write about. What we see, what we hear, and just about everything that comes to all our six, even seven senses. So, that includes the occasional extra-sensory perception or ESP and, hey, the dreams that come every now and then.

However, my initial intention in creating this blog is to express my disappointment about a lot of things and goings-on, particularly in the community or communities I get to move about and interact. Perhaps, this is a more practical way of putting things up front, for whatever it is worth.

For now, I have to organize the things I want to write about and how I’d go about putting it into words. This, I think is the only way to make my time punching keys, selecting words and putting together my thoughts in sentences and paragraphs worth my while… and also that of my readers.

In short, the nguyangoy will never be just a nguyngoy, but something more real and meaningful.

Bear with me… and thanks for reading…. I mean it!


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