Pork shoved the Chinese to the sidelines

DID anybody ever wonder whether Ben Luy, the whistleblower, was a Chinese running dog? Being obviously a Chinese, he must also have some interests parallel to what is being pursued by China in the West Philippine Sea. So, didn’t it ever occur to anyone that what he did was mostly intended overshadow the controversy surrounding this crucial issue about territory and ownership.

Just look at the newspapers, watch news on television and listen to the radio. The Philippine Development Assistance Fund scam is all over, with Janette Lim Napoles, together with some Philippine senators and congressmen as the villain and Filipino people the victim.

Now, the public is enraged, calling for the abolition of PDAF or pork barrel. And interest in the islands on the West Philippine Sea suddenly got lost in this national outrage. Was that what Ben Luy was after, afterall?

It could be, by any measure. Just look at the possibility of him being paid to spin public interest away from the West Philippine Sea aggression. He could have been paid to do so.

Also, if he has an ax to grind against Napoles, he would have hit two birds with one spiel: the PDAF scam!

Further, this kind of spinning stories to overshadow controversial issues has somehow become the trademark of this administration’s media handlers and spin masters.

Do you remember the Atimonan Massacre? How about the escape of Mancao from the NBI detention cell? The unusual way how former NBI Director Magtanggol B. Gatdula. The institutionalized corruption at the Bureau of Customs, etc. etc.

Clearly, administration spin masters have taken a penchant for using one controversy to overshadow another controversy. Just look at the pattern of spinning. Once the administration reaches a point where an investigation is already being conducted, wham!, another big issue hogs the headline. So, there is no more need to come up with the results of the investigations.

So, who benefits from all these?

I believe, your guess is as good as mine.